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Certifying your Java EE applications with Sun AVK for the Enterprise

Mainsoft for Java EE creates fully-compliant Java EE applications for you.

You may certify your Mainsoft for Java EE application with Sun's Java Application Verification Kit (AVK) for the Enterprise, and even join Sun's Java Powered for the Enterprise Program. Sun's AVK is a set of tools designed to help developers test their applications for correct use of Java EE APIs and portability across Java EE-compatible application servers. Sun's Powered for the Enterprise Program supplies a brand to those applications on the Java EE platform that have completed the Java AVK for the Enterprise testing process.

The Mainsoft for Java EE implementation of the .NET Framework has been validated with Sun's AVK, and found to be fully portable across Java EE 1.4 compatible application servers.

To develop a portable Java EE application with Mainsoft for Java EE, you must do the following:

  • Make sure you do not use any application server specific code in your application. It is safe to use any API from the Mainsoft for Java EE Framework or any API from the Java EE standard namespaces.
  • Make sure you do not use any application server-specific configuration options in the non-application, server-specific configuration files (such as web.xml).

For more information on developing portable Java EE applications, see

To validate your own Mainsoft for Java EE application with the Java AVK, you must do the following:

  • Make sure that all the files defined in the welcome-file-list element, of your project's web.xml file, exist. Your application will work properly even if you fail to do so, but it will not pass the Java AVK. For more information, see Defining the Welcome page.
  • Relax the security settings on the Sun application server, as follows:
  1. Browse to the <Java AVK installation directory>\appserver\domains\domain1\config folder.

  2. Create a backup of the server.policy file.

  3. Open the server.policy file in a text editor and replace the whole content with the following text:


  • The Sun application server must be configured to work with JRE 5.0 by setting %JAVA_HOME% to point to a JRE 5.0 installation folder. Note that JRE 5.0 is the version of the JRE that is bundled with the Mainsoft for Java EE installation.

To learn more about Java AVK for the Enterprise, read

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