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Visual Studio Developers: Welcome to Linux!
.NET for Java Developers At Mainsoft, we believe the fastest route for Visual Studio® developers to deploy applications on open systems is to extend existing .NET development skills to the Java EE platform.
bullet Grasshopper is a Visual Studio-based SDK and patented .NET to Java converter that enables you to run .NET Web and server applications to run on Linux® and other Java-enabled platforms.
bullet Get Started! Build your first Java application using the Visual Studio IDE
bullet Develop a Java AJAX News Reader using Visual Studio
bullet Port an ASP.NET AJAX RSS Reader to Java
Linux Toolbox Linux logo
bullet Testing Grasshopper on
bullet Setting up Linux without a
Linux server
bullet Configuring Linux for Grasshopper
Mainsoft for Java EE
Mainsoft for UNIX and Linux
Integrating .NET with IBM platforms
bullet Demo: How-to integrate ASP.NET into WebSphere Portal
bullet How-to: Build WebSphere Portal Apps Using Visual Studio
bullet White Paper: Portal As People Centric SOA: Unifying the Enterprise Across .NET and Java
bullet FAQ: Mainsoft, Portal Edition
The Science Behind Mainsoft
bullet White Paper: A Comparative Analysis of .NET & Java Formatting APIs; Optimizing the Conversion of Strings to Numbers and Vice Versa
bullet Tech Republic Interview: How Mainsoft is opening options for .NET and Java developers
Mainsoft's products are optimized for Microsoft Visual Studio (VS.NET 2003 and VS 2005; support for Visual Studio 2008 will be available in Q3 2008).  Mainsoft products have also been validated Java Powered for the Enterprise and Ready for IBM WebSphere.
Who's Using Mainsoft
Who's Using Mainsoft
bullet Healthways uses C# and Java to deploys multimillion patient portal in just 5 months.
Watch the video . Read the case study.
bullet Carnegie Mellon student ports C# parser suite to Java
Opal Future Technologies consolidates 8 pension fund management systems, including .NET support services, into a unified system on WebSphere Portal
RJS Software integrates a VB-based imaging & document management system into WebSphere Portal in days
bullet Segway Software resolves its interop challenge "so fast that the customer didn't believe we had a working solution..."
bullet SourceGear uses Mainsoft to expedite the creation of Eclipse plug-in for Vault, a popular source control tool, and Fortress, an Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solution.
bullet Tachyon Software Engineering is using Mainsoft for Java EE to create a UI for Solaris
bullet Urix uses Mainsoft to port RiskSmart calculation engine to open systems
Mono Project Grasshopper is the result of Mainsoft's
6-year collaboration with the Mono open source project
This site is using the .NET Nuke Portal on Linux


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Mainsoft Product Validations: Optimized for Microsoft Visual Studio, Java Powered for the Enterprise, and Ready for IBM WebSphere.
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